Exploring Permaculture Weekend

Synergistic Eco Design for a Healthy, Sustainable Site

Fundamental Skills, Design Work, and Hands-On Experiences
with International Permaculture Teacher, Jillian Hovey
Host Location
  New Life Retreat Centre for Wellness and Eco-Living Lanark, Ontario (50 minutes southwest of Ottawa, an hour from Kingston, 3.5 hours from Toronto, under three hours from Montreal)
Dates and Times
  Friday evening, May 21 or 9 a.m. Saturday, May 22 (depending on when you can arrive)
to Monday afternoon, May 24, 2004 (Victoria Day long weekend)

Permaculture Hands-On Learning Camp:
Tuesday, May 25 - Friday, May 28, 2004
Stay on to build what we have begun to design over the long weekend workshop
Special Event
  Sustainable Living Projects from Around the World
Slide Show Saturday, May 22 (included in the weekend workshop, but open to others)
Organic, raw & living foods dinner 6:30 - 7:30 (includes slide show) $25-50
Slide show, discussion, and dessert 8 p.m. - 10 p.m. $15-25
  Permaculture Hands-On Learning Camp:
Tuesday, May 25 - Friday, May 28, 2004
Stay on to build what we have begun to design over the long weekend workshop
Workshop description
  Have you been intrigued by the term "permaculture"? This Victoria Day long weekend will be an excellent opportunity, for both beginners and those who have some experience, to explore permaculture as applied to the real-life situation of the New Life Retreat site.

We will set the stage by discussing the philosophy and ethics of permaculture. We will delve into permacultlure principles and explore them through both wild design exercises and real-life scenarios. We will learn how to read a landscape by developing our observation skills, so that we can perform a site assessment. We will practice understanding the needs & yields of all elements of the site, and challenge ourselves to support all the functions of the site through many elements. That, mixed with the needs & wants of the "client," and supported by the other principles of permacultlure, will allow us develop a synergistic, sustainable site design. Will also be doing hands-on projects, including composting toilets, solar showers, and edible landscaping.

This is a great opportunity to spend the May long weekend in the outdoors on a 100 acre organic farm, developing relationships with like-minded people, learning about permaculture and applying that learning in a tangible way to the enrichment and evolution of the New Life Retreat site. You will leave filled with wonderful information and a framework of understanding permaculture that you can apply to other sites.
Teaching Themes/ Workshop Foci
  • Philosophy, ethics, and principles of permaculture
  • Observation skills, reading the landscape, site assessment, and mapping
  • "Client" interview and the dynamic design process
  • Synergistic design in "wild' design exercises and real-life design
Hands-on Project(s) on site
  • edible landscaping and forest gardening
  • composting toilets
  • solar shower and grey water beds
  • greenhouse siting & design
Target participants
Workshop Schedule
  detailed schedule to come soon
  Organic living food meals prepared on site
  Private or shared indoor accommodation; or camping (differences in accommodation reflected in sliding scale rates for workshop). Please see photos of the host location here.
Facilitator Description
  Jillian is a seasoned international permaculture teacher who is dedicated to inspiration and education about healthy and sustainable living. She founded and serves as Director of the Sustainable Living Network, whose Sustainable Living Books project makes over 2,500 titles on sustainable and healthy living available at special events and shows (and will be launched online at www.sustainablelivingbooks.com in the fall of 2004). Jillian holds a B.Sc. in Agriculture from the University of Guelph, and is waiting to sit her final exam for a Masters in Environmental Studies in Sustainable Community Planning and Design from York University in Toronto. Jillian has traveled extensively, visiting and working with eco development projects, and has wonderful slide shows of those travels and her projects across North America and down into Central America as far as Costa Rica. Jillian recently supported a forming ecovillage project in Quebec, and is presently helping to create a sustainable, off-gird community with a Mohawk tribe in Ontario. Jillian has a warm, present, and inclusive facilitation style, which, coupled with the wealth of her experience, and her passion and commitment to sustainable living, helps to create a rich and supportive learning environment. Feel free to approach her with your project ideas: if she can't help you herself, she always knows someone who can!
  $295-450 per person (sliding scale) for the 3-day weekend.
Permaculture Hands-On Learning Camp
Tuesday, May 25 - Friday, May 28, 2004
$25-75/day, arrangements made on an individual basis.
Discounted Fees
  Multiple registrations: We have discounted fees for two or more people registering together
Early registration: We have discounted fees for those registering before May 12th
Work trade option: There are some work trade opportunities through the New Life Retreat in Lanark, and/or Jillian Hovey and the Sustainable Living Network in Toronto.

* While we encourage money NOT to be a reason not to attend, we ask that we all support each other in recognizing and honouring those whose full time occupation is creating these learning experiences. If we truly believe in health and sustainability, we need to all work together to sustain each other in these endeavours.
Limit to # of participants
Cut off date
  Thursday, May 20th
Address and Directions
  453 Dobbie Rd., RR #4, Lanark, ON K0G 1K0
(50 minutes southwest of Ottawa, an hour from Kingston,
3.5 hours from Toronto, under three hours from Montreal)
Please see this for directions.
Contact for more info and/or registration
  Jillian Hovey
The Sustainable Living Network
78 Alberta Avenue, Toronto, Ontario, Canada M6H 2R8
Phone: 416-410-7581
Fax: 416-654-8917

Chas Dietrich
New Life Retreat Centre for Wellness and Eco-Living
453 Dobbie Rd., RR #4, Lanark, ON K0G 1K0
Phone: 613-259-3337
Fax: 613-259-3031
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